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Upcoming Book! Comic Art in Museums, University Press of Mississippi. Expected 2020.

The Spirit at an Art Gallery by Will Eisner. 1996. Proposed cover permission of Will Eisner Studios, Inc. (IMCA Collection Billy Ireland Cartoon Library).

The Spirit at an Art Gallery by Will Eisner. 1996. Proposed cover permission of Will Eisner Studios, Inc. (IMCA Collection Billy Ireland Cartoon Library).

This book explores the history, controversies, and trends related to art museum exhibitions of comic art from 1930 to the present. Kim’s essay rediscovers exhibitions from 1930 to 1951, including shows at Milton Caniff’s farewell to Terry and the Pirates at the Society of Illustrators in 1946 and American Cartooning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1951. This lushly illustrated full color book includes essays from: Dr. Tom Inge, Denis Kitchen, Brian Walker, Andrei Molotiu, M.C. Gaines, Alvaro de Moya, Antoine Sausverd, Cullen Murphy, Kenneth Baker, Joe Wos, Diana Green, Dwayne McDuffie, Jaqueline Berndt, John A. Lent, Paul Gravett, Craig Yoe, David Deicher, Karen Green, Michael Dooley, Art Spiegelman, John Carlin, Leslie Jones, Scott Timberg, Trina Robbins, Daiman Duffy, Gary Panter, Rob Salkowitz, Charles Hatfield, Carol Tyler, Benoit Crucifix, Doug Harvey, and Alexi Worth.

Book Chapters

Upcoming: The Comics of R. Crumb: Underground in the Art Museum, University Press of Mississippi. Chapter: “Viewing Crumb: Circles of Influence in Art Museums.”

2015 Eisner Awards Nominee! Comics Through Time: a History of Icons, Idols & Ideals. Greenwood Press, 2014. Entries on Mort Walker & on Beetle Bailey [Amazon]

More Essays on Comics

“Revisiting the Comic Art Show.” International Journal of Comic Art Vol. 14, No. 2, Fall 2012 [PDF/]

“Beyond High & Low: How Comics and Museums Learned to Co-Exist.” IJOCA Vol. 11, No. 2, Fall 2009. [PDF/]

Interviews: Denis Kitchen, Steve Leialoha, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson. Comics Alternative, 2014 | Darick Robertson. art icons comics, 2012 | Mark Bode Comics Journal On-line, 2010. 

Review of exhibition: Tales from the Vault: 40 Years, 40 Stories, an anniversary show at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum & Library (2017) on Extra Inks.

Popular posts on the art icons comics blog: Al Capp & Charles Schulz: Clash of the Titans (2010) | Jack Kirby's Collages & the Sublime (2009).

Featured Essays & Links:

The Fight for San Francisco,” Places Journal. 3/23/15

How the French Kickstarted the Acceptance of Comics as an Art Form in the US: the Books and Exhibitions of Maurice Horn.” IJOCA V 18, #2 (Fall/Winter 2016). [PDF/]

A Collaborative Journey: Malcolm Whyte, Troubador Press, and Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco.” IJOCA V 18, #2 (Fall/Winter 2016). [PDF/]

Header image: Installation view of Dual Views: Labor Landmarks of San Francisco, April 2015, San Francisco State University Library. Photo: Tom Griscom.

Margaret Harrison:

Margaret Harrison. Captain America 2. 1997.

Margaret Harrison. Captain America 2. 1997.

“Censorship & Superbodies: The Creative Odyssey of Margaret Harrison.” IJOCA, Vol. 13, No. 2, Fall 2011 [PDF/]

On Reflection: The Art of Margaret Harrison. Available on Amazon. Barnes & Noble, and through Ingram (for wholesale booksellers). Art historical analysis of the life and work of the British activist artist Margaret Harrison. Overview of trends & techniques in her work, her continuing use of the Captain America character, an in depth discussion of her prize-winning painting The Last Gaze, her family background & activism. Many pages of exclusive photos!

Review: Michael Dooley, Print - "As police once forced Harrison’s gallery owner to remove her paintings, the book’s author, Kim Munson, had been forced by Apple not long ago to remove “objectionable” cartoons from an underground comix history iPhone app she’d produced [story here]. This and other commonalities, such as a shared passion for workers’ rights, make Munson’s accompanying commentary and interviews with the artist empathetic and engaging as well as informative."

ISBN #'s: Hardback: 9780996314503 | Softcover: 9780996314510.

US Labor History & Emblems

Landmark photos by Tom Griscom and Wendy Crittenden.

Landmark photos by Tom Griscom and Wendy Crittenden.

Dual Views: Labor Landmarks of San Francisco was on view at the Special Collections Gallery, SFSU Library, 3/19-8/7, 2015. Wendy Crittenden & Tom Griscom photographed sites of importance to the labor movement in their contrasting styles in an effort to situate the current tech boom within the economic cycles of the past. In collaboration with the Labor Archives & Research Center (SFSU). Curation & exhibit catalog by Kim. [out of print] | “The Fight for San Francisco,” Places Journal. 3/23/15 (includes extensive slide show) | “Best City Reads of the Week,” CityLab. 3/28/15. | “Dual Views: Tom Griscom & Wendy Crittenden Premiere in San Francisco,” Nashville Arts.

Evolution of an Emblem: the Arm & Hammer [PDF/]. Consistently in the top 2% of papers viewed on

100 Years Hand-in-Hand: a Brief History of the AFL-CIO Logo [PDF/]

Past Exhibitions

Exhibit: Determining DomainIntersection for the Arts, 2012.

Exhibit: Battle Emblems. Intersection for the Arts. 2006.

Exhibit: BAN5/Syndicate. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2008.