Installation view of Dual Views: Labor Landmarks of San Francisco, April 2015, San Francisco State University Library. Photo: Tom Griscom.

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From Panels to Frames: Comic Art in Museums, University Press of Mississippi. Expected Fall 2018.

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Routledge Handbook of the Secret Origins of Comics Studies. I am honored to have a chapter  (Forming a Visual Canon: Comics in Museums) about the pioneers that advanced comic art into museums in this incredible anthology edited by Matt Smith and Randy Duncan. 

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Labor Landmarks:

The Fight for San Francisco, Places Journal. 3/23/15

Best City Reads of the Week, CityLab. 3/28/15

Dual Views: Tom Griscom & Wendy Crittenden Premiere in San Francisco, Nashville Arts. 4/15/15

Margaret Harrison:

Censorship & Superbodies: The Creative Odyssey of Margaret Harrison. International Journal of Comic Art, Vol. 13, No. 2, Fall 2011 [PDF/]

Comic Art & Exhibits:

How the French Kickstarted the Acceptance of Comics as an Art Form in the US: the Books and Exhibitions of Maurice Horn. IJOCA V 18, #2 (Fall/Winter 2016). [PDF/]

A Collaborative Journey: Malcolm Whyte, Troubador Press, and Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco. IJOCA V 18, #2 (Fall/Winter 2016). [PDF/]

2015 Eisner Awards Nominee! Comics Through Time: a History of Icons, Idols & Ideals. Greenwood Press, 10/28/14. Entries on Mort Walker & on Beetle Bailey [Amazon]

Revisiting the Comic Art Show. International Journal of Comic Art Vol. 14, No. 2, Fall 2012 [PDF/]

Interview: Denis Kitchen, Comics Alternative. 10/30/14

Interview: Steve Leialoha, Comics Alternative. 8/29/14

Interview: Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson. Comics Alternative. 6/3/14

Interview: Darick Robertson. 4/30/12.

Interview: Mark Bode, Comics Journal On-line, 11/22/10. 

Beyond High & Low: How Comics and Museums Learned to Co-Exist. International Journal of Comic Art Vol. 11, No. 2, Fall 2009. [PDF/]

Al Capp & Charles Schulz: Clash of the Titans. 11/5/10.

Jack Kirby's Collages & the Sublime. 4/27/09.

Labor Emblems:

Evolution of an Emblem: the Arm & Hammer  [PDF/]. Consistantly in the top 2% of papers viewed on

100 Years Hand-in-Hand: a Brief History of the AFL-CIO Logo [PDF/LARC]


Exhibit: Determining DomainIntersection for the Arts, 2012.

Exhibit: Battle Emblems. Intersection for the Arts. 2006.

Exhibit: BAN5/Syndicate. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2008.

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