New Plat/Gold Comics Collection at SFSU Library

When I was writing my thesis for my MA at San Francisco State University in 2008, I actually had to bring in a selection of current scholarship to persuade my committee that comics were a real thing. I’m happy to say that times have changed, and they have added a minor in Comics Studies led by Eisner winner Nick Sousanis

Further, the SFSU Library is the recipient of a fascinating collection of Platinum and Golden Age comics from the first Superman comic (1939) to 1952, with an emphasis on adventure, war, and kid’s comics. These are all reader copies. Superman #1 for instance, is intact and fully readable but it’s missing the front cover. I can’t wait to see students handling these comics with white gloves.

I welcome this great new resource and hope to use it in future projects. The graphic was from the reception, but the collection can be viewed any weekday from 1-5 in the Library’s Special Collections Reading Room #460.

archive reception poster.jpg