Margaret Harrison Book at mima (UK)

Margaret Harrison. The Last Gaze. Oil on Canvas. 2013.

On Reflection: the Art of Margaret Harrison is now being sold in support of Margaret's retrospective exhibition at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima) in the UK.

The book is also available on AmazonBarnes & Noble,  and to wholesale booksellers on Ingram  (ISBN: Hardback: 9780996314503 | Softcover: 9780996314510). The book is an art historical analysis of the life and work of the British activist artist Margaret Harrison which includes an overview of trends & techniques in her work, her continuing use of the Captain America character, and in depth discussions about her prize-winning painting The Last Gaze, her family background & activism. Pages of exclusive photos! Scroll down to learn about Margaret's installation piece Common Reflections.

Dual Views - SF Labor Landmarks at SFSU

Dual Views: Labor Landmarks of San Francisco, a project featuring the landscape photography of Wendy Crittenden & Tom Griscom, was on view at the SFSU library gallery 3/19 - 8/7 2015. The exhibition catalog is still available on Blurb & iTunes. Our related feature on Places JournalThe Fight for San Francisco, was selected by CityLab as one of the best articles about urban space of the week. Several SFSU classes viewed the exhibit, and we appreciate everyone's support. We'd like to thank Catherine Powell, Director of LARC and Nancy Arms Simon, SFSU's installer, for making the show look great. 

We are actively looking for other venues to host this exhibit, please contact Kim if you know of a gallery that would be a good match.

Margaret Harrison - Common Reflections

Installation view of  Common Reflections  at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. Exhibition  We Are Them, They Are Us  up March 26 - May 15, 2015. Photo: Conrad Atkinson.

Installation view of Common Reflections at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. Exhibition We Are Them, They Are Us up March 26 - May 15, 2015. Photo: Conrad Atkinson.

Margaret Harrison’s installation Common Reflections revisits the Greenham Commons Women's Peace Camp, an activist movement which had a huge impact on her life and art, not only because it was an important cause, but also because of the creativity and performative elements of the demonstrations. In 1981, thousands of women protested against nuclear weapons (cruise missiles) outside of the RAF Greenham Common military base in Berkshire, England, a plot of common land that had been leased by the government to the United States. On December 12, 1982, the protesters hung the fence with items that represented what they most valued, covering it with family photos, diapers, toys and household items.  Reflect the Base, a December 11, 1983 demonstration in which hundreds of women surrounded the base holding mirrors to symbolically ask the personnel within the base to “reflect” on their actions, was an experience that has inspired Harrison to integrate mirrors into her work several times since then.

 In 1989 at The New Museum in New York, her installation Common Land Greenham replicated the feeling of being inside the base in the English countryside. The viewer was surrounded by large landscape paintings, text, and a fence topped with razor-wire and hung with children’s clothing, toys, and household implements. The fence was revived again at the request of the Silberkuppe Gallery, Berlin for their 2012 exhibition Preoccupy, a celebration of activist art.

Common Reflections was first shown in this configuration at the Northern Art Prize show in Leeds in 2013, paired with her other major work On Reflection (she won the prize). Taking inspiration from Reflect the Base, she surrounded the fence with large mirrors, situating the viewer within the continuity of activism.